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Our Team

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Javier Casalaspro

General Manager

We know how important it is for our patients not to miss work, that is why we are open until 9:00 pm. We also know what patients go through after an accident and we are always willing to go the extra mile to help the achieve their wellness.

Dr. John Thayn

DC with a Masters Degree

in Sports Medicine

Our clinic has been a huge blessing in my life. I have met wonderful people who know our commitment and dedication.

Stephanie Curiel

Assistant Billing Specialist

I love helping others, what I feel when I help is something that can't be described with words.

Noemi Cedillo

Assistant Collections Agent

Chiropractors in Provo, UT - In our Clinic we feel happiness when we compare the first time our patients come for treatment to their last appointment. I'm happy to see their progress and know they don't feel pain anymore.

Katelyn Larson

Assistant Front Desk

We know everyone by name, once the patients come to the Clinic, they become part of our big family.